Jo Shepherd

I grew up in Moosomin, Saskatchewan and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba after high school. I did a history degree and then worked in various restaurants for a few years, before doing a year in a social work position at a women's centre. It was during that year that I took a Youth Outreach program in printmaking run by Martha St. Studio in downtown Winnipeg. We learned lino cut, copper etching, monoprinting, and screen printing. It was absolutely fantastic! I was thrilled to discover these very old, but new to me, techniques. I have rented space at Martha St. on many occasions since doing the course, but after a move to Yorkton, SK in 2015 I found myself without a printing press. This is a fabulous piece of equipment that makes printing an edition run efficient and (relatively) easy. In the winter of 2017, I was able to purchase a press made by Thomas Presses out in the Comox Valley, BC (see my pictures and a link to Tom's website on the Making Lino Cut page). It is an excellent press and serves me very well! Now I am able to work very productively, when I make space around my job as Library Technician and Education Assistant at a nearby elementary school, as well as being a mom, partner and generally busy person!

I want to acknowledge and send love to my partner Travis, my son Milo, and all my friends and family who have been supportive of my printmaking adventures. Thanks everyone!! 

In the corner of my shop, handily located in my attached garage.